Sponsors and partners


Why sponsor IESE Entrepreneurs?

IESE is a top European business school with the best profiles. Members are truly engaged in making the world a better place, passionate about innovation and believe that the world biggest challenges will be disrupted thanks to an entrepreneurial approach.

Sponsoring IESE Entrepreneurs is one of the best ways to support the innovation while engaging with startups and talented business profile. Attendees build close relationships with companies that sponsor as they´re their first reference when looking for partnerships.

Sponsorship provides:

  • An opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs and users (great for market research, user testing)
  • A channel to hire and find new employees
  • Exposure and marketing to early stage companies and entrepreneurs
  • A platform to share API´s or relevant tools for entrepreneurs

We´re very thankful for the support we have from the startup community in Barcelona. The network of entrepreneurs is very active and strong. If your company is also very active in the innovation or entrepreneurship field and you want to know more about us. Please contact us and let´s see how we can find synergies and collaborate.


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IQS Tech Factory

ICFO Knowledge Transfer

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