Entrepreneurship Map

You’ll find below a map with the different actors from the entrepreneurship eco-system of Barcelona. IESE is in contact with many of them and if you want to reach out, don’t hesitate to as club members or professors to introduce you.

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Student entrepreneurs

Please find below the different entrepreneurship projects launched by IESE students. If your project is not yet mentioned below, please fill in the form here.


Making unsweetened b2b add-to-water tastemaker from 100% pure fruit and no bullshit!


  • Fabian Roobeek c-e-eau

More on http://www.tapfruit.nl


To create a webpage where you can find info and book any kind of Extreme sport in Barcelona (initially). For example, you want to kite surf, you can find kite spots, kite rentals, kite schools and book immediately via the webpage.


  • Karen Crisostomo
  • Florian Brock

More on http://www.stoketank.com

Mandarina Games

Game development for mobile and desktop devices, plugins development for game developers

More on: http://mandarinagames.com


A platform to connect people with leftover travel cash with those going on holiday needing travel cash to start their trip!


  • Zac Stein – Founder / Do-er

More on http://www.p2pcashEX.com


Travel companion and shared expense manager (tracking and settlement) platform for groups. We want to make travel planning fun and engaging.


  • José Moreno
  • David Izquierdo
  • Mathias Texeira
  • Ivannia Casas (Part-time)


Greenology is a personalized nutritional program that analyzes the Nutrigenomic profile (how nutrients affect genes) of each patient and guide the incorporation of beneficial health habits through an online platform. Please visit http://greenology.es/ to know more about the program.

Greenology was launched by an alumni of IESE: Laura Martínez Menárguez