Workshop Series

Lean Startup

Where to start when you have an idea. How to know whether it’s a good idea? What are the relevant data to capture (AARRR)

Founder and product market fit

Build a prototype, explore your potential market, get the right people + design thinking

Digital marketing

Google tools (adwords, trends, analytics, …) Facebook advertising, blogs, landing page, …

Growth hacking

Rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.

How to succeed a crowdfunding campaign

Focus on the mechanism and best practices of a crowfunding platform and non-traditional financing tools

Talent acquisition and co-founder agreement

How to distribute shares in a team, how to acquire talent, what exists and what should you make sure

Intellectual property + Sciences knowledge transfer to businesses

Protect your brand, protect your product. In Spain, in Europe and in the rest of the world. When you are launching a company based on high added value (research) or patents, what are the key things to know and good practices

Company structure and subsidies

How to launch a company in Spain? What is the support you can find? What are the subsidies in Spain and Europe to launch your venture?

Public speaking, story-telling and pitch to your audience

The elevator pitch, the VC pitch, the co-founder pitch, … What to say? What to focus on? How to gain traction?

Insights on the future

New business models

circular economy, shared economy, life sciences business models

Search funds

What is a search fund? How does it work?

Corporate venturing

Tax planning

How to leverage tax planning and fiscal advantages for your company

How to get back on feet after a failure?

In the same spirit of the failure-con, having entrepreneurs speaking about their biggest failures and show that being entrepreneurs is not only easy !

how to build your landing page

Tech entrepreneurship

Risk management as entrepreneur